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11. června 2017 v 16:09 |  Norsko galerie
Bergen Norway's Second City and the Gateway to the Fjords. Photo by @mittbergen on Instagram.:

Norway looking pretty as a postcard:

Norway ☮k☮ #Norge:

Fall colors near a glacier in western Norway on a September day. Thanks for looking, any feedback appreciated!:

Oslo, Norway | Experience the lush foliage of Norway's oldest Botanical Garden, which dates all the way back to 1814.:

The Trollstigen, Norway's most famous mountain road, on its way down to the Isterdal. Quite an impressive accomplishment of civil engineering. Foto by Jonas Lang:

Lupins grow wild in Norway, but these are cultivated. So beautiful with the irises against the backdrop of the mountains.:

Geirangerfjord, Norway by Max Rive:

Skjeggedal / Norway (by Michael Marie).:

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1 Raja Luthriela Raja Luthriela | Web | 11. června 2017 v 16:13 | Reagovat

V Norsku je opravdu nádherná příroda. Jednou bych se tam chtěla podívat.

2 Nagis Nagis | Web | 11. června 2017 v 19:56 | Reagovat

Naprosto souhlasím, také bych se tam ráda podívala. :)

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